A series of Erick Thohir's Great Plans to Remodel After Sarinah

A series of Erick Thohir's Great Plans to Remodel After Sarinah

Jakarta - SOE Minister Erick Thohir has big plans to overhaul the Sarinah shopping center. Erick said Sarinah still had great potential to hoist visitors, not to mention that many tourists came to Jakarta.

Through his official Instagram @erickthohir, Erick revealed Sarinah's development plans while visiting the SOE shopping center on Thursday (12/26/2019). The following excerpt:

I visited Sarinah yesterday, besides looking for some items to fill the office, I want to see first hand the business process and also the current condition of Sarinah. Apparently there are many things that must be addressed.

Renewal needs to be done to be able to stay competitive, but by not leaving the historical value of Sarinah itself.

The Big Plan for Sarinah

The first step, Erick wants to renovate the Sarinah building both inside and outside the building.

"The results of these talks (Sarinah) still have potential, especially later many tourists who want to go to Jakarta. Indeed, this has been since 1963, indeed there must be renovation. Now this is what we will change, not only in the palace but also in the building as well renovation, "said Erick after his visit to Sarinah, quoted from the video upload on Instagram @erickthohir, Friday (12/27/2019).

Second, not only the building, Erick wants the products sold by Sarinah to also increase in quality and quantity. One of them is by curating MSME products.

"But that is actually just hardware, the important thing is the software. What software? The products in it, there must be an upgrade. This is what we want besides domestic products, there are also curated SMEs. That is, we choose very good ones," said Erick.

One that Erick will also make is a local culinary center. He wants Sarinah visitors to taste culinary and coffee from the archipelago.

"Then there is also a good food center. So people can try to take Indonesian-made coffee, Indonesian-made food. The important thing is that it can be a transaction center, not an individual," said Erick.

Third, Sarinah will service two transactions. Not just a few goods transactions, but Sarinah also accepts wholesale buyers. He said there could be tourists who want to buy a lot of goods.

"Then here we make two transactions. Individual transactions also have wholesale transactions. There can be foreign buyers who want to buy a lot. That's what we will synergize," said Erick.

Fourth, Erick also wants to make Sarinah a place for duty free goods without tax. He even communicated with Finance Minister Sri Mulyani about this.

"And we also applied to Mrs. Sri Mulyani for duty free. Because if we see in Jakarta there is no duty free in the middle of the city, in Bali there is. In Jakarta it is permissible, I think Mrs. Sri Mulyani also supports it," said Erick.

Finally, to complete all the big plans. Erick will also overhaul Sarinah's management.

"Because of that I want my Sarinah management to be upgraded," said Erick.

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