8 Ways to Get Cheap Flight Tickets for Vacation

8 Ways to Get Cheap Flight Tickets for Vacation
KOMPAS.com - Airfare prices need to be considered before going on vacation alone or with family or friends. Because expensive airline tickets are sometimes a deal breaker for certain people who have a limited budget. In fact, the price of a plane ticket may not be worth the total cost spent to go somewhere. For that reason, it is necessary to be careful in buying plane tickets so that they are cheap so that the costs incurred are worth it.

Even though prices are still soaring, we still have the opportunity to get cheap airline tickets in the following ways.

1. Order ahead of time

Vacations will be worry-free if we plan them in advance. The same applies when buying airline tickets. The reason is that the price may be more expensive if we book a ticket close to the departure date. "Planning about 3-6 months in advance is a safe choice," said Sarah Wan, general manager of online ticket booking site Klook. "That will allow travelers to get the best deals and plan ahead."

2. Avoid the holiday season

It is no secret that the price of any commodity will soar ahead of the holiday season, such as Lebaran, school holidays, Christmas, New Year, including tight days. So, avoid that moment when buying a plane ticket because it is almost certain that the price will be high. We are advised to buy plane tickets outside the holiday season, aka off season, if you are looking for cheap prices. In fact, there is also a belief that flying on weedays is cheaper than weekends. According to a Channel News Asia report, booking plane tickets at the right moment can save you nearly 25 percent. Flying on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a cheap option, while the weekends between Friday and Saturday can be very expensive.

3. Compare prices

Don't rush to click the "book" button before comparing ticket prices for each airline for the same departure date and route. Because every airline sets competitive prices -even promos- that we can take advantage of. The easiest way to compare airline ticket prices is to use Google. We simply type the destination location and departure date, then click "flight" under the search field, then Google will help find the ticket price that you want.
4. Use other transportation

Consider using other transportation so that the vacation budget is not drained. For example, ordering a plane to the nearest airport from the destination and then continuing the route using other transportation.

5. Take advantage of discounts and promotions

Booking airline tickets online makes it easier for us to get promos or discounts. It could be that the airline offers the desired departure date or other flight packages that can cut ticket prices. On the other hand, some ticket booking sites provide subscription facilities that provide many benefits for their members.

6. Use a credit card

Credit cards are another alternative to getting cheap airline tickets. If the bank is affiliated with the airline, then we can collect points while traveling.

7. Special ticket promos for students and ages. There are national red plate and private airlines that offer promos for students, children under 12 years old, and seniors over 65 years old to get discounted flight ticket prices. Of course, this promo needs to be used if you want to travel to local or foreign destinations at low prices.
8. Choose indirect flights

Transit routes will usually be cheaper than buying direct flight tickets. This method can be done if we have a lot of free time. Usually airlines designate major cities in the world as transit locations for international routes.

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