Rp 500 Jasmine Coin So Hurry Up! Here's the selling price

Rp 500 Jasmine Coin So Hurry Up! Here's the selling price
Jakarta - Recently, many people have become interested in participating in collecting old coins or old coins. Therefore, it is not surprising that these ancient or old coins are increasingly being hunted, especially by collectors or prospective brides for a dowry.
Although it can no longer be used for transactions, a number of ancient coins are still in demand by collectors. The selling price varies, depending on the rarity and type of the coin itself.

One type of old currency that was sold at a higher price than the original nominal was the yellow coin in the Rp 500 denomination with the 2000 year jasmine image on it.

Based on detikcom's observations from one of the Tokopedia online stores, it is known that the ancient coins are currently being sold at a price of IDR 10,000 per coin.

"Coin Ancient Money (Jasmine). Country: Indonesia. Nominal: 500 Rupiah. Year: 2000. Coin Diameter Size: 24 mm," wrote one shop at Tokopedia, quoted Tuesday (2/11/2022).

Seen at the same Tokopedia online store, this Rp 500 coin with a jasmine image is being sold in new condition. The shop is located in Kab. Tangerang has managed to sell 27 coins.

Meanwhile, apart from Tokopedia such as Shopee and Bukalapak, there are also many ancient coins of Rp. 500 with the image of Melati sold at prices ranging from Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 500,000 per coin.

Read the detikfinance article, "Hunting by many people, this is the selling price of Rp. 500 Melati Coins issued 2000" in full https://finance.detik.com/moneter/d-6375813/diburu-banyak-orang-segini-harga-jual-koin- rp-500-jasmine-out-2000.

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