Komnas HAM Finds Evidence that Brigadier J was shot at close range

Komnas HAM Finds Evidence that Brigadier J was shot at close range
Liputan6.com, Jakarta The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) found evidence that Brigadier J was shot at close range. This can be seen from the characteristics of bullet wounds.

"In terms of the character of the wound, the distance is not too far. But there are several different character distances. That is the result of our investigation," Komnas HAM Commissioner Choirul Anam told reporters, Tuesday (26/7/2022).

In addition, Anam has also received an explanation from the police that there were projectiles lodged in Brigadier J's body based on the results of seven injuries from a total of five projectiles fired by Bharada E.

"There is a question, why is the number of incoming and outgoing wounds different? The number of incoming and outgoing wounds is different because there are indeed incoming and outgoing bullets, the bullets are still lodged in the body. So the number is different," he said.

Information regarding Brigadier J's injuries, continued Anam, was obtained from the results of an examination of the forensic team led by the Head of the National Police's Health Center, Inspector General of Police Asep Hendradiana, which took place yesterday (25/7/2022).

Where, Anam claimed to be shown documents ranging from body wounds from after and before the autopsy. From the appearance of a number of gunshot wounds to Brigadier J's body, which was confirmed by family statements.

"Legs, compare the photo of bruises on Sunday with photos of the bodies being autopsied. This means that the death rate is still very short, it's very visible. So, the key in the context of an autopsy is to see the body before the autopsy," he said.

"And that we have seen in detail and very deeply. It was shown how it works and what tools to use and so on, including us because it was a photo. The camera uses a professional camera which is indeed for forensic work, the results are definitely different," he added. 
Nevertheless, the chairman of Komnas HAM, Ahmad Taufan Damanik, said that his party wanted to focus on the shootout incident and did not want to be carried away by the growing speculation.

"Currently our focus is on the death shooter, there is speculation that one of the shooters is the death, we want to prove it," said Taufan.

According to Taufan, based on an examination with internal experts, the results of the wounds lodged in Brigadier J's body will be used as a provision to know the direction of the shot and the weapons that will be used to reveal motives.

"The weapon will be linked to the owner. That's when we will find the motive. So there are still stages to get there. We Komnas don't want to be influenced by various speculations. our internal investigation procedures," he said.

Adjutants of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo Respond to the Call of Komnas HAM
Komnas HAM examined a number of aid de camps (ADC) or aides from Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. One of them, Bharada RE or Richard Eliezer, called the police, was involved in a shootout with Brigadier J alias Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat.

A shootout incident resulted in Brigadier J's death with a number of gunshot wounds at the Inspector General Ferdy Sambo's official residence on Friday (8/7/2022).

Observations in the field, a number of people as aide to Ferdy Sambo arrived at the Komnas HAM Office on Jalan Latuharhari, Central Jakarta at 09.56 WIB. Two of them even arrived earlier at 09.48 WIB.

Seen, the aides were compact wearing white shirts and beige trousers. Their faces were covered by black masks.

One person suspected of being Ferdy Sambo's aide appeared conspicuous. He was seen wearing different clothes from other aides. The man was wearing a polo shirt combined with blue jeans.

The Commissioner for Monitoring and Investigation of Komnas HAM, Choirul Anam, confirmed that he had summoned aide de camp (ADC) or an aide from Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. Seven people were asked to attend to meet the Komnas HAM commissioner today.

"Yes, today's summons were indeed addressed to ADC Mr. Inspector General Sambo, former Head of the National Police Propam Division. We did ask all of his aides to come. If in the photo, for example, there are eight people, only seven people died because one died, yes, we asked all seven to come, indeed. We call everyone, including Bharada E," said Anam in his statement, Tuesday (26/7/2022).
Use 2 Check Model
Anam explained that the aides became one of the main pillars in the construction of Brigadier J's death. In fact, some of them knew in detail the shooting incident.

"So we want to be comprehensive, we want to know exactly what and how the incident happened," he said.

Anam also claims to have evidence related to the chain of events. That, he said, had to get direct confirmation from aides. Therefore, his party felt the need to hear the testimony of Ferdy Sambo's aides.

"We already have one incident that can only be confirmed to ADC, not to others. What is it? Wait after the investigation," he said.

According to Anam, the examination pattern uses two models. Anam himself did not explain clearly. It's just that, he said, during the shooting incident, there were several aides who saw it firsthand.

"There are two models that we will do, of course they are separate and some are in the same place, because we want to know the details of what happened, what context," he said.

Reporter: Bachtiarudin Alam/Merdeka

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