These are the requirements and how to register for a subsidized mortgage

These are the requirements and how to register for a subsidized mortgage, JAKARTA – Subsidized mortgages are the answer for low-income people who do not yet own a house. The massive government provides various subsidized housing financing programs for the community. Subsidized mortgages are loans or home ownership financing that receive assistance and ease of obtaining houses by implementing banks both conventionally and with sharia principles. One of the implementing banks that have collaborated with the Ministry of PUPR in the successful implementation of the subsidized housing program is Bank BTN. The following are the requirements and how to register for government subsidized housing. Subsidized Mortgage Terms and Conditions:

- Indonesian citizen aged 21 years or already married

- The age of the applicant does not exceed 65 years at the time the credit is due. Especially for ASABRI participants who get a recommendation from YKPP, the maximum age of the applicant is 80 years when the credit is due

- Neither the applicant nor the spouse (husband/wife) have received government subsidies for home ownership. Excluded 2 times for members of the TNI/Polri/PNS who change assignments

- Salary or basic income does not exceed Rp. 4 million for Tread Welfare Homes, and Rp. 7 million for Flats Welfare Homes

- Have an e-KTP and registered with Dukcapil

- Have NPWP and Annual personal income tax return according to applicable laws - Developers must be registered with the Ministry of PUPR

- House specifications are in accordance with government regulations. Subsidized Mortgage Application Documents - - Credit Application Form accompanied by a recent photo of the applicant and spouse

- FC e-KTP or Identity Card

- FC Family Card

- FC Marriage/Divorce Certificate

- Documents of income (for employees) include:

1. Latest salary slip or Income Certificate

2. FC Certificate of Appointment of Permanent Employees or Work Certificate (if the applicant works in an agency)
- Income documents (for self-employed): 1. SIUP and TDP 2. Financial statements or records for the last 3 months

- Documents of income (for self-employed workers) must attach the FC Practice License

- Current Account for the last 3 months - FC NPWP/SPT PPh 21

- Income statement signed by the applicant on stamp duty and acknowledged by the head of the institution where he works or the head of the local village/lurah for non-fixed income people

- Certificate of Domicile from the local kelurahan if you do not live according to your KTP

- SK for Transfer of Tasks for TNI/Polri/PNS who apply for a Subsidized BTN KPR

Second, how to apply for a subsidized mortgage

- The applicant is looking for the location of the house that he wants, or can get info via the link - Prepare the documents mentioned above in full

- The files submitted by the applicant will be processed by BTN, including the Financial Information Service System (SLIK), data verification and analysis

- If the application is approved, the applicant is asked to prepare sufficient funds in the BTN Savings

- Doing Credit Contract

- Finally, waiting for the application disbursement process

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