Horror Story of Cipularang Toll Road Involving 17 Vehicles

Horror Story of Cipularang Toll Road Involving 17 Vehicles
Purwakarta - A series of collisions involving 17 vehicles occurred on the Cipularang Toll Road, Purwakarta. The bus, which is believed to have caused the crash, overturned and hit another vehicle.
"I was sitting in the back, suddenly the bus wobbled, I was eating in the back. Yes, I crashed, I don't know how many (the number of buses) are," said Ayi, one of the passengers who was waiting for a replacement bus from the bus company, in GT Jatiluhur, Monday (27/06/2022).

Ayi couldn't say for sure if the bus had brake problems or other vital problems. He only knew the bus swerved and then crashed.

"From a trip that has not swayed (departed), suddenly there was a collision. As for the brake function, I don't know," he said.

This statement was also confirmed by other motorists who were victims of the collision. He became the third vehicle to be hit by a PO bus. Laju Prima from Bandung to Jakarta.

"The eyewitness said the bus had brake failure, it wobbled too. The net was already back and told me the brakes had failed," said Deden Hidayat when met at the emergency room at Abdul Radjak Hospital, Purwakarta.

The position of the vehicle that Deden was driving was in the first lane close to the shoulder of the road. His vehicle was hit and wrecked with the final position turning around.

"My position is near the left side of the road divider, my car overturned," he said.

Head of PJR Cipularang Toll Road, AKP Denny Catur, said his party was still investigating the incident. Including checking the condition of the bus that is suspected to be the cause of the accident. The investigation was carried out by the Purwakarta Police Satlantas.

"So far, 17 vehicles have been recorded, there are several minibuses involved. We recorded earlier, but there is one bus which is suspected until now, we have investigated whether there was a disturbance, we will check again during the investigation," said Denny.

For your information, a series of collisions took place on the Cipularang toll road section. A total of 17 vehicles were involved in the incident. The incident resulted in four people being seriously injured and dozens of others being hospitalized.

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