Down 7 kg in a Week? Try This Effective Diet!

Down 7 kg in a Week? Try This Effective Diet!

Being overweight is often a problem for many people. In addition to health factors, appearance factors also become a reason for many people to try to lose weight. For you who have often changed their diets and have not found a suitable one, it turns out that there is a healthy, fast and effective diet for weight loss of 7 kg in just a week!
This diet is called the GM diet because the initiator is the General Motors car company. In the beginning this diet was a program from GM's car company for its employees so that they have an ideal body weight which would affect their health and also their performance in the company. General Motors works closely with U.S. Department of Agriculture and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to research and develop this diet program, and it is proven that this diet is healthy and also effective for weight loss. Here are the steps to the GM diet so you can lose weight within 7 days:

On the first day of the program, you can only eat fruit. All fruits except bananas, yes. It is also highly recommended for you to consume more melons or watermelons on this first day. Fiber and water contained in many fruits is very good for your weight loss process. You can also use the fruit juice to take to the gym, school or office, but remember, don't use sugar. Expand also drink mineral water, 7-8 cups so that your diet is getting more leverage.

On the second day, fruits were replaced with vegetables. You can eat all the vegetables you like, can be raw or cooked according to your taste. Boiled potatoes with butter can also be used as a breakfast for your carbohydrate and energy source for daily activities. But remember, don't use salad dressing. Nutrition in vegetables is very important and also rich in fiber, besides that it is also low in calories and can make you lose weight faster.

Source: jalaonThe third day of the GM diet, your food is more varied, which is a combination of fruit and vegetables. You can eat all fruits and vegetables as much and as often as possible, except for bananas and potatoes. Carbohydrate sources are considered to be fulfilled by you consuming fruits, so you don't need to prioritize potatoes. At this stage, your body has started burning your excess fat.

Source: manusmenu The menu choices for the fourth day are bananas, milk and soup. You can eat 8 bananas and 3 cups of milk without sugar. Your favorite soup can also be an additional menu to meet your appetite that is held for 3 days, hihi. The potassium and sodium content lost during the previous day's diet are met from consumption of bananas. By eating as many as 8 bananas, it is expected that the desire to eat sweet foods is reduced and that will make weight loss faster and more effective.

Source: boothsThe mandatory menu for the fifth day is 6 tomatoes and 2 servings of beef, each measuring 10 ounces. You can eat meat in the form of hamburgers or patty. You have to eat the 6 tomatoes in one day, but you don't have to eat all the meat. Today's mineral water intake is also recommended to be propagated to neutralize uric acid which will be produced by consumption of beef.

On the sixth day, you again consume beef, but tomatoes are replaced with vegetables that you like. You can consume all kinds of vegetables as much as possible. At this stage 6, the body regains its protein intake and the body begins to show differences in body weight from the start of the diet.

On the last day, you can eat brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables. The portion of fruit and vegetables today is unlimited, you can eat as much as you want. After taking the GM Diet for a whole week, the body is claimed to have cleansed and the digestive system has been detoxified. Body weight was reduced up to 4 kg - 7 kg. Your body has become thinner than a week ago!
That was 7 easy steps for you who want to start to undergo the GM Diet program. Compared to other diets, the GM diet is claimed to be easier and faster in losing weight, besides that this diet helps the body's detoxification process. If you go with this diet with regular exercise, you can lose weight up to 13 kg, you know. Wow, right? But remember, this diet is not recommended to be done continuously, this diet is only done if your weight has exceeded your "scales" that are usually, hehe. Do not forget to also consume lots of water during this GM diet. Good luck!


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