Active Police Become Terror Suspects, Novel Baswedan: From the Beginning I Know

Active Police Become Terror Suspects, Novel Baswedan: From the Beginning I Know

Jakarta - Kabareskrim Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo named RM and RB as suspects of the Baswedan Novel hard water terror. Novel claimed he was not surprised and had known from the beginning.

"From the beginning I knew, only I was sure it would not be possible if it was a personal matter, it might not be related to personal grudges. But further police investigators who had just started arresting should not be commented on first, sorry for him," Novel said when met detikcom at his residence Jalan Deposito, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Saturday (12/28/2019).

However, Novel claimed to respect the performance of Bareskrim and Polda Metro Jaya. He also hoped that the investigation of these terrorists would not stop here and he also asked the Indonesian National Police to be objective in handling cases.

"I certainly respect the process of Criminal Investigation, which is carried out by the Metro Police, but I hope based on facts, with the basics of objectivity, not later, then another story," he said.
Previously, two perpetrators of the attack on senior investigator KPK Novel Baswedan were secured in cooperation with the Brimob Corps. The two perpetrators are active police officers.

"Last night, our technical team in collaboration with Kakor Brimob had secured the perpetrators who were suspected of watering Brother NB (Baswedan Novel)," said Kabareskrim Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Friday (12/27/2019).

"So the perpetrators there are 2 initials RM and RB. The police are active," he added.