2022 is the last opportunity to buy property with many conveniences

2022 is the last opportunity to buy property with many conveniences
Data from Rumah.com Indonesia Property Market Index (RIPSMI) also shows an increase on a quarterly and annual basis both from the supply side to price increases for the 2021 period. Although there is a slight decline in the fourth quarter of 2021, this slowdown is still very normal because it is in accordance with the annual cycle and this has been anticipated by developers and banks.

"In accordance with this annual cycle, Rumah.com predicts that the trend in prices, supply, and demand will still increase in the early period of 2022. On the other hand, industrial activities that allow for an increase also depend on the government's readiness to cope with the various impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19,” said Marine Novita, Country Manager of Rumah.com.

From the consumer side, Marine explained, this year could be the last opportunity to get property products at the best prices. The trend in price and supply of property products since 2020 or after the pandemic continues to show optimism that the price range of developers begins to release from their lowest margin position.

This is in accordance with the property price index which has been stuck with an increase of still below 1 percent while the property supply has decreased. Providers or developers still follow the annual property cycle to later launch their products at the right time. The demand index is also still showing an increase both quarterly and annually.

According to other research data from Rumah.com, 52 percent of property searches have increased to those with prices above IDR 1 billion. This percentage occurred throughout 2021, which was different from the previous year, which was dominated by property product searches with prices below Rp1 billion.

RumahCom – The Rumah.com survey shows that developers are increasingly confident in increasing price margins as the market situation continues to improve. This condition makes this year the last period for consumers to get various attractive programs and promos from developers.

Various researches and surveys for the property business show that this sector will continue the trend of business improvement. Several government policies have been the driving force for this capital-intensive sector to survive with the tax relaxation program imposed on property, the downward trend in interest rates, and so on.

Some areas are also increasingly sought after, especially those with new infrastructure. The Serpong-Depok area, which has been crossed by the new toll road, has experienced an increase in property prices. After being held back for more than a year due to the pandemic, developers have become more confident in increasing the benchmark selling price for their products and reducing the various convenience promos offered.

“Developers have been bolder in raising property prices in the last three quarters so that the first half of 2022 can be the last chance for consumers to get the best prices. More property seekers for prices above IDR 1 billion also shows that the property market situation has recovered," explained Marine.

source : https://www.rumah.com/berita-properti/2022/3/203922/2022-jadi-kesempatan-terakhir-beli-properti-dengan-banyak-kemudahan